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Sand Washing Plant

'Washed' refers to the process of removing clay, silt, dust and other unwanted particles from the sand. Once the excess materials have been removed, the sand is left to drain. Washed sand is ideal for rendering, mixing concrete and for making a less malleable mortar that is often used for and flagstones.

Our sand washing plant is capable of processing 100 ton/hr of natural or crushed sand, washed to remove silt and clay.


DANAT Al Madina Environment Solutions was established in 2016 in Al Ain city of United Arab Emirates to provide system for recycling construction and demolition debris..

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  Danat Al Madina Environment Solutions. PO Box: 101217, Industrial Area, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

  +971 3 735 4639   +971 50 623 0631   danatenviro@gmail.com

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